The Department of Training (DOT) is the hub of activities in TRADOC NA. It responsibilities include the conduct of all NA Promotion Examination, monitoring and evaluation of training in all NA schools and monitoring and evaluation of all training exercise in the NA. The Department is headed by the Chief of Training (COT), a Maj Gen and has 2 directorate, Training and Examination headed by Brig Gens.



Organization. A COT of the rank of Maj Gen by establishment heads the DOT. NA ORBAT 2016 provided for 2 Directorates in the Department. These are the Training and Examination Directorates each headed by officers of the rank of Brig Gen.
Functions of the Department of Training. The functions of the DOT are as follows:

a. Formulation and execution of training policies in line with NA Training Directives and the approved NA Doctrine.

b. Advise Comd TRADOC NA on training matters.

c. Standardization of training in the NA.

d. Review of syllabi of NA schools in conjunction with AHQ DATOPS.

e. Harmonization of courses in NA schools in conjunction with AHQ DATOPS.

f. Participation in Board of Governors (BOGs) meeting of NA schools.

g. Monitoring and evaluation of training in NA schools.

h. Monitoring and evaluation of training exercises and operations in formations and units of the NA.

i. Planning and conduct of promotion examinations in the NA.

j. Determining training requirements for NA schools in conjunction with DATSC at HQ TRADOC NA.



The conduct of promotion examinations and the monitoring and evaluation of training in NA schools including training exercises and operations in the NA are some of the Depts activities. These activities would be discussed in the subsequent paragraphs.

Conduct of Promotion Examinations. Three promotion examinations are conducted for NA officers by this Command and an assigned host formation (Division HQ) annually. The examinations are the Lieutenant to Captain Practical Promotion Examination (LCPPE), Captain to Major Practical Promotion Examination (CMPPE) and Senior Staff Course Qualifying Examination (SSCQE). Dates and venues are usually included in NA Forecasts of Events while general instructions are released by AHQ DATOPs at appropriate times. This Dept participates as part of HQ TRADOC NA and is responsible for the planning and conduct of the promotion examinations. Promotion examinations are conducted in line with the provisions of the Nigerian Army Charter for Promotion Examinations (Revised Oct 07). 12.

Monitoring and Evaluation of Training in NA Schools. The DOT is responsible for the monitoring and evaluation of training activities in NA schools. This responsibility is carried out through annual visits to NA schools by nominated officers from the Depts/Dirs of the Command. Monitoring and evaluation also assist in ensuring that other aspects of welfare such as feeding, recreational facilities, water supply and a host of others are addressed.

Monitoring and Evaluation of Training Exercises and Operations in the NA. The DOT is responsible for the monitoring and evaluation of FTXs and CPXs conducted by NA formations and units. At the end of each exercise, a report on its conduct is forwarded to AHQ DATOPS for action. The officers of this Command are routinely tasked to monitor AHQ sponsored training exercises and operations. SIMEX are usually held at AFSC Jaji by exercising formations before some major FTX in their AOR or before proceeding to NATRAC Kontagora for FTX. HQ TRADOC NA officers have raised observations at SIMEX that have assisted formations not to repeat the observed lapses during FTXs. The presence of HQ TRADOC NA officers as observers or umpires during training exercises and operations make the formations to put in their best since they are aware of being monitored.

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The TRADOC NA was established in 1981 during the tenure of Lt Gen MI Wushishi as COAS. It was established as the ‘Think Tank’ and Centre of Excellence of the NA. It was to develop and evaluate operational doctrine, force structure and training of personnel (capacity building) for the NA. This ... read more

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