The TRADOC NA was established in 1981 during the tenure of Lt Gen MI Wushishi as COAS. It was established as the ‘Think Tank’ and Centre of Excellence of the NA. It was to develop and evaluate operational doctrine, force structure and training of personnel (capacity building) for the NA. This was with a view to evolving a common framework and approach to the NA operations from which plans could be developed and successfully implemented through effective application of a joint doctrine. The HQ TRADOC NA also had the mandate to conduct and coordinate research activities in conjunction with relevant NA and Defence HQ research agencies and bureau.

Though the military is perceived to be conservative organization especially during peace time, there is need to prepare for war of which time, place and intensity is never certain. Thus, this requires thatdefence system and personnel to fight the warbe ready at all times. As the military tries not to fight future wars with obsolete methods, techniques, procedures andweapons, there is need to study the past and present plan for the future so that readiness is constantly assured. Hence, the need to have a coordinating body such as TRADOC to plan, train and develop doctrine for the NA. The command body to do the planning for the NA is HQ TRADOC NA.

In 1981, a high power delegation was set up by the then COAS to visit foreign Armies and see how they ran their schools. Maj Gen GO Ejiga led the team, with Brigadiers Jega and Vatsa, and Col Williams as members to Indian, Pakistan, UK and USA. The report of the committee recommended the adoption of the American system of TRADOC and of a superior command to the divisions. It would command all the training institutions of the NA and become the ‘Think Tank’ of the NA for doctrine, training and research. It was also to take over the command of corps schools. The report was accepted by the COAS but not implemented by Gen Akinrinade and his successor Gen Jalo. The report was implemented by Gen MI Wushishi.

The motto of TRADOC which is inscribed on its Logo is “Towards Greater Heights”.The TRADOC insignia consist of the Spear which is the traditional weapon made from traditional technological sophisticated weapon system. The Eagle is from the National emblem which signifies that a well-trained and combat ready national army has the strength, the power, the grace and the respect within and outside the country. The laurel on which the eagle perches is a Roman and Greek symbol for excellence. The background is the traditional NA colours of Red and Black which complete the emblem.The TRADOC Flag is the white crossed spear and sword super-imposed on the Black and Red background.The TRADOC Logo/Insignia and flag are at Annex A.


The desire to put the NA on a sound path of development, despite all impediments and in consonance with national aspirations, led to the establishment of TRADOC in the year 1981. The TRADOC NA was established in line with the US Army TRADOC located at Fort Eustis, Virginia which has the mandate to oversee training and development of operational doctrine in the US Army. The HQ TRADOC NA became a full-fledged command of the NA situated in Minna, Niger State. The TRADOC NA stands as alternative Army Headquarters (AHQ) and act as corps HQ when 2 or more divisions are committed into operation. Additionally, it is the coordinating command for all DRUs of the NA within Niger, Kebbi, Sokoto and Zamfara States.

The office of the Commander TRADOC is of 3 Star (Lt Gen) by establishment. Since inception HQ TRADOC NA have been Commanded by 42 past Commanders most of whom are first class officers. The Pioneer Commander was Maj Gen GO Ejiga(Rtd) while the current Commander is Maj Gen SO Olabanji. Prominent among the past commanders were Brig Gen JO Oni, Maj Gen JT Useni (later Lt Gen), Brig Gen OI Williams, Maj Gen TS Akande, Maj Gen BM Monguno (now NSA), Maj Gen AG Olonisakin (later Gen and CDS) and Maj Gen LEO Irabor (now Gen and CDS). Additionally, Maj Gen I Attahiru, later Lt Gen and now late, was appointed COAS from HQ TRADOC NA. Furthermore, some prominent former brigade commanders and GOCs were posted to HQ TRADOC to contribute their quarters in taking TRADOC to greater heights. This is contrary to insinuations or perceptions in some quarters that TRADOC is a place where disliked and unwanted officers are dumped hence nicknamed “Siberia”. The HQ TRADOC is not a pre-retirement deployment either. It is only desired that very senior and prominent officers are appointed as Commander TRADOC

The HQ TRADOC NA stated as a small compact HQ with Commander, Directors, Colonel General Staff and few staff officers at inception. The command was expanded at various stages of her existence with office of Col GS upgraded to that of Chief of Staff (COS), in accordance with continental staff system in 2008. TheCOS who is by establishment a Brig Gen coordinates the activities of HQ TRADOC NA and its staff branches. There are G1, G3 and G4 staff branches within the HQ each headed by a Col. Also, there are Service elements like Signals, Finance, APR, ST, Legal Services, MP, Int and Admin Wing under the Headquarters. These elements provide the necessary service supports to the Command for effective and efficient discharge of its statutory duties. The HQ TRADOC was later composed of the HQ and 4 Directorates, namely; Doctrine and Combat Development (DCD), Training (DOT), Research Development Test and Evaluation (DRDT&E) and Army Training Support (DATS). In 2018 the directorates of DCD, DOT and DRDT&E were upgraded to full fledge departments with Maj Gen (2 Stars) as the chief in line with ‘NA ORBAT 2016’. Recently, the Directorate of Lessons Learnt (DLL) was established.The current organization of HQ TRADOC NA is at Annex B.

The Departmentof Doctrine and Combat Development is the most senior of all the departments with the primary role of formulation and evaluation of doctrine policy for the NA. So far, the Department have produced about 5 doctrines with the current NACAD 2020 still in draft form. The first being Responsive Offensive Doctrine, followed by Army Manuals 1 and 2, Nigerian Army Doctrine (NAD) 2017, Proactive Offensive Doctrine and Nigerian Army Comprehensive Approach to Doctrine (NACAD) 2020.

9. The Department of Training (DOT) is the hub of activities in TRADOC NA. It is responsible for the monitoring and evaluation of training in all NA schools. The Department is also tasked with the monitoring and evaluation of all training exercises in the NA. The Department conducts promotion examination for subalterns and midcareer officers. The responsibility for the conduct of NA Exams was given to TRADOC in 1992. The Department conducts 3 Exams each year namely; Lieutenant to Captain Practical Promotion Exam (LCCPE), Captain to Major Practical Promotion Examination (CMPPE) and Senior Staff Course Qualifying Examination (SSCQE). The Department has so far conducted a total of 87 Examinations, 29 for each of the examination except for SSCQE in which there was a rerun in 2013. The SSCQE still maintain the same 29 like every other examination despite the rerun of 2013 because SSCQE was not conducted in 2007.

The main function of the Department of Research Development Test and Evaluation is to research and develop, test and evaluate new prototype equipment or items produced by local manufacturers. Others include; formulating and reviewing R&D policies, coordinating R&D activities and organizing R&D Conferences for NA. The Department have so far conducted over 30 R&D Conferences and study periods. It has also coordinated, in conjunction with AHQ DATI, the participants of various NA R&D Exhibitions and Expos. These exhibitions include; First NA Research and Innovation Summit held at TRADOC on 8 Nov16, R&D Conference organized by HQ TRADOC at Lokoja from 3-6 Apr 18, the NA Research and Innovation Exhibition/Trade Fair conducted at Benin City from 26-29 Nov 18 as well as Technology and Innovation Expo at Eagle Square Abuja from 16-20 Mar 20.


The HQ TRADOC NA has been in existence for the past 40 years (1981-2021). Since inception, it has undergone series of transformation and made remarkable achievements. This is in line with mission statement of TRADOC which is “To develop and evaluate doctrine, training and research for the NA”. In recent times, TRADOC NA has gained more prominence through increased activities in the area of discharging her roles and responsibilities. The HQ TRADOC NA has been repositioned to take her traditional position as the ‘Think Tank’ and Centre of Excellence of the NA. Hence, TRADOC is on the path of taking the NA to greater heights.


At the apex of the ATSC is the Director who is of the rank of Brig Gen. The Centre is made up of 4 Cells which include the System Training Support (STS), Library Service (LS), Work Production Centre (WPC) and Electronic/Maintenance Centre (EMC). The Library Service Cell (LSC) provides secondary data for research work and projects. The Library is to be linked to all NA training schools to enhance research and project works. The Centre has the following roles:

a. Advice Comd TRADOC NA on training and technology. b. Initiate policies for the NA in liaison with the Department of Training (DOT). c. Management of TRADOC NA Library and Computer Services. d. Design, produce and manage training aids for the NA. e. Produce training and examination modules in liaison with the relevant TRADOC departments, NA Corps/Schools. f. Coordinate NA Printing Press in liaison with Nigerian Army Ordnance Corps.