The Directorate of Doctrine and Combat Development (DDCD) is the most senior of all the Directorates. It is headed by an officer of the rank of Maj Gen who takes over control of HQ TRADOC NA when the Commander is out of station. He advises the Commander on all doctrinal and combat development policies. Maj Gen EJ Atewe GSS psc RBS MIAD fdc MSc MFR FCM. The functions of the Directorate include:

(a) Formulation and evaluation of combat development policy for the NA

(b)Study and advice on force structure and development

(c) Evaluation of military history and war gaming

(e) Evaluation of the state of art of the military profession

(f) Liaison with appropriate agencies to carry out threat and security analysis

(g) Formulation of concepts for the NA in the area of tactics, weaponry etc

Assessing the combat and tactical concepts developed by TRADOC NA and their application by training schools during training periods and exercises in formations and units of NA

Thinking on continuous basis on how the NA will fight the present day and future wars, the type of force and equipment needed to fight and win

Organize in-house seminar for HQ TRADOC NA officers on wide range of issues to enrich the officers' intellectual capabilities